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Goodbye to the false 'me'.

Welcome back, the empty 'me' from the past.

Roughly two hours before Karuizawa fell before Ryuuen.

Chabashira-sensei gave Class D an explanation regarding the essentials of the winter vacation.

"Over the winter vacation, a portion of the school is scheduled for renovation so it will be off limits. Make sure to keep that in mind. And also, all club activities will be suspended after the closing ceremony today. Be sure to head back as soon as you're able to".

Our teacher explained only the bare minimum to us. But for some reason, she silently looked around the class. And no matter how long we waited, she did not signal the end of class.

Feeling numb at this point, Ike raised his hand.

"What's the matter, sensei?".

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"I'm sure there are students already aware of it but you can assume that your promotion to Class C is all but guaranteed. Well done".

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"W-Woah, you actually gave us honest praise. Isn't this a rarity?".

It's not just Ike, I'm sure the rest of the class feels the same way.

"Don't get complacent. If you cause trouble during the winter vacation, it may have an effect on your class points. Make sure you act properly as a student even over the long holidays".

After saying that, Chabashira-sensei concluded our second semester.