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A - I commenced with ten thousand francs, which a friend of mine hadlent me; then I used the funds as they came in.

9 - In other words, you made use of the money of your first dupes toattract others?

A - Many~people thought it was a good thing.

Q - Who? Those to whom you sent your prospectus with a plan of yourpretended swamps?

A - Excuse me. Others too.

Q - How much money did you ever receive?

A - About six hundred thousand francs, as the expert has stated.

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Q - And you have spent the whole of the money?

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A - Permit me? I have never applied to my personal wants any thingbeyond the salary which was allowed me by the By-laws.

Q - How is it, then, that, when you were arrested, there were onlytwelve hundred and fifty francs found in your safe, and that amounthad been sent you through the post-office that very morning? Whathas become of the rest?

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A - The rest has been spent for the good of the company.

Q - Of course! You had a carriage?

A - It was allowed to me by Article 27 of the By-laws.

9 - For the good of the company too, I suppose.

A - Certainly. I was compelled to make a certain display. The headof an important company must endeavor to inspire confidence.