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Lately, my job has been busy, so I haven’t been able to travel or do much. I was able to get the game at just the right time. Also, my daughter is a child who takes action really quickly, so as soon as she finds a game, I wouldn’t be able to talk to her, but… because of that boy, I was able to find it quickly. With this, I can communicate with her properly.[5]

Feeling excited, Miyamoto rang the intercom.

The nameplate of the house suddenly entered Miyamoto’s vision—it had the characters “Tendo” on it. He laughed to himself as he realized that he got used to using his stage name.

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The door opened, and his wife, Tendo Kaori, opened the door with a smile.

Closing her eyes, she told him that their daughter had already come home in disappointment, having not been able to find the game.

Miyamoto returned a smile, walked into the hallway, and…

called out the name of his beloved daughter in a loud voice.

“I’m back! Hey, Karen, come here for a sec—!”

1. Bocchi is short for hitori bocchi, which means “solitary”.

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2. I’m not sure if this game is a reference to anything. Please tell me if it is.

3. I’ll be using “()” to denote thoughts.

4. In Japanese, this is pronounced similarly. I couldn’t find a way to make “binge drinking” rhyme with “cradle”.

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5. Umezu Kazuo is a horror manga author.

6. PoV is weird in this section. It’s generally in 3rd person, but it was in the PoV of Miyamoto for this paragraph.