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I bitterly smiled and turned to Amano, who showed an explicitly disgusted face.

“Well, I’m not planning to say something that’ll make you nervous. That’s a promise.”

“…Really? Aren’t you planning to say you don’t match Aguri-san as a boyfriend?”

Indeed, that’s how he sees me. But, honestly, perhaps I really thought about that.

I waved my hands and said.

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“I’m not saying it. That’s really not what I’m going to talk about.”

“I-I see.”

Amano immediately sighed in relief. Looking at him, I can’t help but smile gently.

(…This guy is always putting us ahead of anything else.)

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Especially today- it’s the last day before White Day. I don’t think Amano has much free time too.

Even so, he still sacrificed his after-school time and stayed with a person like me. …He’s sincerely worried about me.

I appreciated it. At the same time, I swore that I have to be closer to his heart as well.

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He took another sip of the coffee with a bitter face. I started talking to him once again.

“So, I’m definitely not talking about whether I match her. Instead, it’s a more realistic and urgent issue.”

“In other words, …the present for White Day?”


“Well, …but, Uehara-kun, didn’t you walk around the town alone to find a White Day present?”

“Yeah, I bumped into Hoshinomori too and heard about her ‘zenpai’ thing.”

“Chiaki’s zenpai thing? Eh, what’s with that? I want to join too if that’s about a game.”