Is it legal if you are talking about chatting online?

Is it legal if you are talking about chatting online?

What’s more, he was the most awesome chief planner in the industry. It was ridiculous!

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“Then… Can Boss Pei agree to this?” Yu Fei asked.

Li Yada pondered for a moment and said, “There shouldn’t be a problem, right? Boss Pei has never been one to make use of his employees. Perhaps he would be quite happy.”

“How about this? I’ll give Boss Pei a call.”

Li Yada whipped out her cell phone and reported the situation to Boss Pei.

Soon, she hung up. “See, I told you that Boss Pei would definitely agree. What’s more, he’s very supportive!”

Yu Fei:”…”

Was this the mysterious Tengda?

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The project was still being developed. The chief planner had gone on a holiday and found an online author to take over. That was ridiculous!

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However, what was there to say since Boss Pei had agreed?

Yu Fei was also very excited to be the chief planner.

“Alright, then. I’ll take over for a month. I’ll do my best.”

August 7th, Tuesday afternoon…

Pei Qian woke up naturally, got up satisfied, and stretched.

He did not have to worry about the settlement; it was very comfortable!

Of course, saying that he was not worried was only temporary. It was just that these two months were relatively stable.

Pei Qian called Liang Qingfan and told him about the construction of Tengda’s headquarters after he arranged for the morning before.

There was no need to rush this matter. He had to think about it at length. First, he had to let Liang Qingfan think about choosing a location and come up with the most basic plan. Then, he would start construction.