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“I feel like that’s my line as well…”

Even so, the “Light Novel Protagonist” is actually complaining. From this perspective, perhaps our imbroglio already entered the unusual realm.

Mizumi-kun sighed loudly and mumbled. “Sigh, I’m fine with that…” After that, he agreed to discuss with me once again.

“Although I haven’t gone on any dates, …if you two aren’t couples yet, basically, you can just do something that ‘enhances the feelings’ on the date, right?”

“Yes. Any examples?”

“For instance, …let me think, like chatting, dining together, watching the beautiful scenery romantically. …Finally, you can confess your feelings for each other sincerely. Isn’t this the best date?”

After I heard Mizumi-kun’s refreshing opinion, Chiaki and I can’t help but look at each other, …and then we answered him at the same time.

“We’ve almost done all of them.”

“Why! Aren’t you two not couples yet!?”

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“We are friends.”

“Of course, you’ll be stuck! After all, you two already entered the last stage! It’s like reaching the level limit before changing your class, yet you keep earning more EXP!”

“What a clear metaphor! You’re incredible!”

“You two are still admiring me! A-Anyway, if you have already progressed so much, I can literally give zero ‘date planning’ ideas for you two right now-“

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Just as Mizumi-kun said that dumbfoundedly and almost put his hand on his forehead, …he suddenly realized something.

We tilted our heads. He…mumbled to himself. “Uh, this is too, …but…” The boy is hesitating.

Chiaki and I glanced at each other. …Then, both of us faced Mizumi-kun again. I represented us and begged him sincerely once again.