Make money on the topic of others

Make money on the topic of others

'And yet it is evident that your enemies cannot have given it upso. They are sharp ones: if they keep quiet, it is because theyare preparing some good trick. What it is I must and shall findout. Already I have an idea which would be an excellent one, if Icould discover some way of throwing you among what is called goodsociety.'

"I explained to him, that, being employed at Van Klopen's, I had anopportunity to see there many ladies of the best society.

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"That is not enough,' he said.

"Then M. Van Klopen's propositions came back to my mind, and Istated them to him.

"'Just the thing!' he exclaimed, starting upon his chair: 'a manifestproof that luck is with us. You must accept.'

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"I felt bound to tell him my objections, which reflection had muchincreased.

"'I know but too well,' I said, 'what must happen if I accept thisodious duty. Before I have been four times to the Bois, I shall benoticed, and every one will imagine that they know for what purposeI come there. I shall be assailed with vile offers. True, I have nofears for myself. I shall always be better guarded by my pride thanby the most watchful of parents. But my reputation will be lost.'

"I failed to convince him.

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"'I know very well that you are an honest girl,' he said to me; 'but,for that very reason, what do you care what all these people willthink, whom you do not know? Your future is at stake. I repeat it,you must accept.'

"'If you command me to do so,' I said.

"Yes, I command you; and I'll explain to you why.''

For the first time, Mlle. Lucienne manifested some reticence, andomitted to repeat the explanations of the peace-officer. And,after a few moments' pause,"You know the rest, neighbor," she said, "since you have seen meyourself in that inept and ridiculous role of living advertisement,of fashionable lay-figure; and the result has been just as Iexpected. Can you find any one who believes in my honesty ofpurpose? You have heard Mme. Fortin to-night? Yourself, neighbor- what did you take me for? And yet you should have noticedsomething of my suffering and my humiliation the day that you werewatching me so closely in the Bois de Boulogne.""What!" exclaimed Maxence with a start, "you know?""Have I not just told you that I always fear being watched andfollowed, and that I am always on the lookout? Yes, I know thatyou tried to discover the secret of my rides."Maxence tried to excuse himself.