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He opened up the image file that he sent to X once again.

“At that time, I’ll just have to destroy him.”

Ryūen was convinced that the person in that photograph is an important piece to the puzzle of uncovering that person’s identity.

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(Volume 6 End)

From here forward, the main part of the volume is finished. Volume 6 has come to an end. I’m Shōgo Kinugasa. My current worry is that the atheroma forming in my body has grown to golf ball size recently. Scary.

This time ‘Classroom of the Elite’ also concluded the series overall 7th volume. This volume should be like a place of healing, the calm before the storm. I’ve decided to describe the innermost changes within each character. In the next volume, I think that the story will develop more than ever before, including a decisive battle with a certain enemy, as well as the past of Ayanokōji Kiyotaka.

And then… Yes. We’ve decided to animate ‘Classroom of the Elite’ (You Jitsu). All of you deserve the credit for making this possible, so thank you very much. Tomose and I were very pleased, and the other day marks ten years that we have been licking each other’s wounds. (The meaning is implied.)

The anime will broadcast at the end of July, probably about two months after this volume is released. At that time, I will certainly be able to present you with the seventh volume! (Having it go according to plan after I declare it is something that has never happened before!)

Between the editors, publishing house, anime production company, there will be a variety of people involved moving forward. I will do my utmost to not let these efforts be disgraced. Thank you very much.

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It was during elementary school that I realized I was abnormal. During an excursion, I found a huge snake near our camp. I recall my class being in an uproar from it. People watching from faraway, people panicking nearby and people who weren't all that interested in it. There were various reactions and even adults who were supposed to be mature lost their calm and desperately called for help. I grabbed a huge rock I found nearby and swung it at the head of the snake. I didn't even feel fear of being bitten. There was a scream, and the panic of the teachers followed. I did not even register it. It's not like I wanted to be a hero or anything. I was just confused why there was such a need to be afraid.

That was my first contact with a hidden side of myself. And at the same time I knew, the moment the enemy falls at my feet, I could feel a large amount of adrenaline rushing through my brain. This was my first victory. "Fear" and "joy" are two sides of the same coin. That truth was paper thin in this world. The world is ruled by 'violence'. Your 'status' in this world is determined by your capacity for 'violence'. I saw the corpse of the snake beneath me and my heart was filled with joy. Ever since then, I have had many enemies both internal and external.

Sometimes, when I was surrounded by enemies, I kept on exercising 'violence' to win. And before my overwhelming might, all of them fell at my feet. I was never afraid. I always only thought about revenge and turning the situation around on my enemies. They all eventually fell prostrate before me. The real 'elite' is a person whose capacity for 'violence' is unparalleled. And a human being who never feels 'fear'. But here a problem lies, with every fallen enemy every day started to grow boring for me. Because in the end, there was not a single person capable of beating me. If there is something that could finally beat me, that thing can only be described as "death".

Mid-December has come and passed. The changing of the seasons happened quickly and it's become freezing cold. Students have naturally started wearing mufflers, gloves and long socks more and more. The sky today is a cloudy grey, almost as though it's about to snow.

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Now that I think about it, I've never actually seen snow before. Of course, I've seen it on television and in books but I've never actually held it in my hands and felt it with my skin. I don't know if it will snow here this year but I do want to experience it. After school, in a corner of Keyaki Mall, four students gathered in the space where students rest and go about their business.

They are members of Class D. Sakura Airi, Hasebe Haruka, Yukimura Keisei and me. Keisei's real name is Teruhiko but in accordance with his wish, we've taken to calling him Keisei.

I've gotten used to seeing their faces these days. We meet up irregularly two or three times each week to chat without any ulterior motives. The time we spend together depends on the day but we sometimes spend about two hours together and sometimes we split up after just half an hour. If you feel like heading back halfway through it, you're free to do so too. What I'm getting at is that these aren't people you need to be formal with. But we often spend more time than usual together after school on Fridays. The reason for that is our fifth member who's currently absent, Miyake Akito, and various circumstances involving him.

"In the end, nobody from any class got expelled. I thought Class C might've made a move about now though. The questions we set weren't easy ones either".

As several girls from Class C coincidentally passed by us, Keisei said that.