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“…Ah, someone’s calling me. I’m hanging up.”

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“Liar! Amanocchi, no one in the world will call you-“

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I hung up without hesitation for the second time. Relentlessly.

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Alright, I’m going to take a bath. …Someone’s calling me again.

Although I wanted to ignore it again, …perhaps it’s my imagination, the “Aguri-san” on the screen looks really depressing. So, I answered the call.

“I’m calling the cops.”

“Will someone really say that to his friend after picking up a call!?”

Aguri-san’s voice sounds terrified. As for me, …I can only admit defeat and sit on the bed again. I asked her what’s going on.

“So? What’s wrong? You kept calling me.”

“I kept calling you because you keep hanging up!”

“It’s usual to hang up an annoying harassment call.”

“Why do you think that I’m annoying!? I didn’t even say anything yet!”

“…So, you mean I can benefit from what you’re going to talk about?”


Aguri-san seems to have puffed up her chest on the other side of the phone. I scratched my head and urged her to continue unwillingly.

“If you are saying that already, I’ll be asking then. …Why did you call me on a Saturday night, Aguri-san?”

“Yes! Amanocchi, do you want to come to my house tomorrow-“

I immediately hung up. Then, I also considered turning off my phone entirely. However, I still hesitated a bit, no matter how cold-hearted I am. So, I got another phone call before anything could be done.