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Is it possible that you do not remember those divine evenings in theRue de Cirque? - those nights, the mere thought of which fires mybrain, and consumes my blood."He was horrible to look at, horrible and ridiculous at the sametime. As he wished to take Mme. de Thaller's hands, she steppedback, and he followed her, dragging himself on his knees.

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"Where could you find," he continued, "a man to worship you like me,with an ardent, absolute, blind, mad passion? With what can youreproach me? Have I not sacrificed to you without a murmur everything that a man can sacrifice here below, - fortune, family, honor,- to supply your extravagance, to anticipate your slightest fancies,to give you gold to scatter by the handful. Did I not leave my ownfamily struggling with poverty. I would have snatched bread frommy children's mouths in order to purchase roses to scatter underyour footsteps. And for years did ever a word from me betray thesecret of our love? What have I not endured? You deceived me. Iknew it, and I said nothing. Upon a word from you I stepped asidebefore him whom your caprice made happy for a day. You told me,'Steal!' and I stole. You told me, 'Kill!' and I tried to kill.""Fly. A man who has twelve hundred thousand francs in gold,bank-notes, and good securities, can always get along.""And my wife and children?""Maxence is old enough to help his mother. Gilberte will find ahusband: depend upon it. Besides, what's to prevent you fromsending them money?""They would refuse it.""You will always be a fool, my dear!"To Vincent Favoral's first stupor and miserable weakness nowsucceeded a terrible passion. All the blood had left his face:

his eyes was flashing.

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Then," he resumed, "all is really over?""Of course.""Then I have been duped like the rest, - like that poor Marquis deTregars, whom you had made mad also. But he, at least saved hishonor; whereas I - And I have no excuse; for I should have known.

I knew that you were but the bait which the Baron de Thaller heldout to his victims."He waited for an answer; but she maintained a contemptuous silence.

"Then you think," he said with a threatening laugh, "that it willall end that way?""What can you do?""There is such a thing as justice, I imagine, and judges too. I cangive myself up, and reveal every thing."She shrugged her shoulders.

"That would be throwing yourself into the wolf's mouth for nothing,"she said. "You know better than any one else that my precautionsare well enough taken to defy any thing you can do or say. I havenothing to fear.""Are you quite sure of that?""Trust to me," she said with a smile of perfect security.

The former cashier of the Mutual Credit made a terrible gesture; but,checking himself at once, he seized one of the baroness's hands.

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She withdrew it quickly, however, and, in an accent of insurmountabledisgust,"Enough, enough!" she said.

In the adjoining closet Marius de Tregars could feel Mme. ZelieCadelle shuddering by his side.

"What a wretch that woman is!" she murmured; "and he - what a basecoward!"The former cashier remained prostrated striking the floor with hishead.

"And you would forsake me," he groaned, "when we are united by apast such as ours! How could you replace me? Where would you finda slave so devoted to your every wish?"The baroness was getting impatient.

"Stop!" she interrupted, - "stop these demonstrations as uselessas ridiculous."This time he did start up, as if lashed with a whip and, doublelocking the door which communicated with the ante-chamber, he putthe key in his pocket; and, with a step as stiff and mechanical asthat of an automaton, he disappeared in the sleeping-room.

"He is going for a weapon," whispered Mme. Cadelle.

It was also what Marius thought.