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He paused a moment. “Miss Hegan,” he began, “I have had a painful experience in this panic. I have lived through it in a very dreadful way. I cannot get over it—I cannot get the images of suffering out of my mind. It is a very real and a very awful thing to me—this wrecking of the lives of tens of thousands of people. And so I am hardly fitted for the amenities of social life just at present.”

“But my father!” gasped she. “What has he to do with it?”

“Your father,” he answered, “is one of the men who were responsible for that panic. He helped to make it; and he profited by it.”

She started forward, clenching her hands and staring at him wildly. “Mr. Montague!” she exclaimed.

He did not reply.

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There was a long pause. He could hear her breath coming quickly.

“Are you sure?” she whispered.

“Quite sure,” said he.

Again there was silence.

“I do not know very much about my father's affairs,” she began, at last. “I cannot reply to what you say. It is very dreadful.”

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“Please understand me, Miss Hegan,” said he. “I have no right to force such thoughts upon you; and perhaps I have made a mistake—”

“I should have preferred that you should tell me the truth,” she said quickly.

“I believed that you would,” he answered. “That was why I spoke.”

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“Was what he did so very dreadful?” asked the girl, in a low voice.