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But I was wondering why this exam would be compared to such a game. With the currently established rules, "wolves" and "villagers" are being forced to cooperate with each other instead to aim for the most desirable first outcome. To put it simply, there is still a trick hidden in this exam that neither "wolf" nor "villager" knows of yet.

"Of course, you already know there can only be one "target" in the group. Once the identity of the "target" is revealed the third and fourth outcomes become possible for the group". "And what's written on the other side of this it ok to turn it over now?". Mashima-sensei simply nods when Karuizawa asks that and together, we turn the paper over to the other side. The remaining two possible outcomes were written there. For these two remaining outcomes, the answer will be accepted by the faculty at any time during the exam period in the 24 hours. We will also still be accepting answers for these remaining outcomes 30 minutes after the end of the exam. But if there is still a mistake in the answer during these periods a penalty will apply.

-Result 3: In the case that someone other than the "target" answers the question before waiting for the allocated time and answers correctly, the class the answerer belongs to will receive 50 points each and the answerer themselves will receive 500,000 points for themselves. On the other hand, classes whose "target" have been identified will receive a penalty of -50 points for their whole class. Once this has been achieved, the test will be over for the group. However, if a member that belongs to the class of the "target" answers correctly, the previous result will be made invalid and the examination for that group will continue.

-Result 4: In the case that someone other than the "target" answers the question before waiting for the allocated time and answers incorrectly, the class the answerer belongs to will receive a penalty of -50 points each but the "target" will still receive 50,000 private points. At the same time, the class which the target belongs also obtains 50 class points. If the answer is given incorrectly, the group's exam will end. However, if a member belonging to the class of the "target" is the one who answered incorrectly, the answer will be considered invalid and will not be accepted.

I see, so the remaining outcomes paint a more detailed picture of the exam. If only outcomes 1 and 2 were possible, the "targets" will share their answers with everyone in the group and there would be nothing to do but cooperate. However, by adding the option to "betray" one's own group, the dynamics of the exam were changed in a single stroke. If the "target" were to reveal his identity to everyone in their group, they will inevitably be preyed upon by "traitors" instantly. Since there are now more outcomes than the first one available, no one will wait that long. The traitors will immediately aim to secure points only for themselves. And the "target" themselves, in an attempt to sabotage the other classes' chances for points and increase their own class's chances, will deliberately hide their identity and try to pass off others as the "target" student. Of course, that means everybody gets less points for not 'cooperating' but in return, they will gain the chance to have the other classes penalized.

"Naturally, the school will take into consideration issues of privacy and even at the end of the exam, we will only release the results for each group and each student. The names of the "target" and the person who uncovers their identity will not be disclosed. It is possible to issue you a temporary ID if you wish. However, there need not be fear about having one's identity revealed after the exam. Of course, if you do not wish to hide your name, you can proudly display the received points too" Mashima-sensei said. I understand now, there is also the possibility that the "target" can just keep silent about their identity without revealing it to anyone else in the group and secure a lot of points that way, or share their identity with the rest of the group and aim for the best outcome. For instance, even if Yukimura were the "target", I could theoretically pass off Sotomura or Karuizawa as the "target" to the members from the other classes and mislead them that way. That means the outcome will depend on the amount of 'goodwill' between the members. Quite a bit of investigating and misdirection will be required.

It makes sense now to compare this to the Jinrou game. But the advantage of the "wolves" cannot be said as absolute. After all, the "villagers" also have the option to mercilessly slay their targets. In fact, there is even the possibility of infighting breaking out between the "villagers" in this case. I go over the rules again in my head silently. The school has established 12 groups based on the number of zodiac signs, allocating all the 1st year students to their respective groups consisting of a certain number of people. And each group contains a mixture of students from all classes being forced to cooperate as "friends". The number of people might vary slightly depending on the group but roughly 14 people are placed into each group it seems. And in each group, there will only be one student marked as the "target" and said "target" will be informed that they are the target and they are the answer. So in other words, even if the "target" does not actively participate at all in the game their profit from this is also guaranteed. Therefore, if the rest of the members are unable to correctly identify the "target", they are the ones who will be unable to answer correctly. In other words, that is the basic gist of the exam we are currently undergoing.

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The four options available to the group now are:

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-Share the identity of the "target" and clear the exam together as one.

-Answer incorrectly and the group loses but the "target" still receives points.

-A traitor uncovers the identity of the "target".

-The traitor disregards the judgment of the "target".

The only difference in those options are the amount of points awarded to each member of the group. The best outcome would be for the identity of the "target" to be shared with all and wait until the end of the exam to answer correctly to receive 500,000 points each with the "target" receiving 1 million points. But the difficulty of aiming for such an outcome is extremely high. There is a possibility of being betrayed from within. Since the members will naturally want points in reward for undertaking this examination, they will betray before they get betrayed themselves.

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Then if someone else answers incorrectly only the "target" will win in that case hence the other members will also prioritise finding the "target" in their own group firstly. Most of the students will likely wish to avoid taking risks by cooperating and if they cannot be convinced to work together, will most likely turn traitor within their group. Besides, it will be very difficult to aim for the first outcome if the "target" themselves simply stays silent and avoids having their identity revealed. In either case, the "target" will be receiving 500,000 points almost with a guarantee so it might as well be considered a ticket to heaven. However, there are also downsides to being given this position. Once you have been chosen as the "target" it is up to you to keep silent on this matter or share this information with others. Depending on the circumstances, there may be harassment or jealousy targeted at you from other classes or even your own class due to the preferential treatment given to the "target". There is also the danger of a traitor uncovering the identity of the "target" in which case they will no longer have to wait until the end of the exam to mail their answer to the faculty. That way, the test for the group ends immediately and the traitor gets 50 points for their own class while getting private points for themselves too. That means while sabotaging another class, one can act to contribute to both themselves and their own class. An ideal result for most students.

Of course that is the most disadvantageous position for the group as a whole to be in. In this test, the ability to 'think' is certainly a critical factor but it is understandable considering the risks associated with this exam. There are 12 groups for which 12 different outcomes will be decided. Depending on what happens during this test, a massive difference in points which cannot be bridged can easily occur. In other words, it's possible for Class A to fall down to D and for Class D to rise to A in one stroke if all goes well in this exam. I doubt this will happen here, but the very notion that it is possible in this exam amazed me. This must also be why the rules for this exam are much stricter than the uninhabited island test. "The prohibited items and actions are also listed here thoroughly so look through them too" Mashima-sensei advises.