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"You should be able to do that, Sudou-kun. That's why---".

"I'm telling you to shut up!".

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Go~. Just as I thought a dull sound like that rang out, Hirata, who had been standing next to him, was shoved from behind and had collapsed onto the ground.

Sudou's eyes were bloodshot and he doesn't even seem to have realized the mistake he made. If someone says too much, they'll probably be the next ones to be beaten. No, he's already trying to beat Yukimura up.

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However, by beating Hirata up, Sudou's already bathing in attention regardless of whether it's wanted or not and the teachers are eyeing him as well. Despite it being a class's internal affair, if violence is involved, it won't end with just a warning.

"What's going on?".

Chabashira-sensei, who is responsible for watching over the class, walks over to the collapsed Hirata. Then looking at Sudou's rage and the red mark left on Hirata's cheek from being hit it's more or less easy to grasp what's happening.

"Did you hit him?".

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Not even hearing him out, Chabashira-sensei only asks for the truth. Not having felt any gratification, Sudou angrily answered without even denying it.

"....what'll you do if I did?".

Sudou affirms it but on the contrary, Hirata stood up and panickedly corrects her.

"That's not it, sensei. I just fell down on my own".