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I became immediately disgusted and turned away with a face of disapproval.

“YOU IDIOT! It’s practice. I also don’t want to do it, but it’s necessary for me, mhm maybe or maybe not. Because if I don’t practice I can’t be good. It’s important I give it a shot either way.”

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I really don’t want to hear such a horseshit talk.

Ahhh, since it can’t be helped, I’ll just go along with it and be patient.

“Horikita. It isn’t strange that we’re always treating each other as strangers? We’ve been acquainted for a long time. And it seems like others are calling each other nicely with their first name. How about we do it too soon…. gradually?”


Unconsciously, I wanted to hit Sudō’s head so much. But I endured it with patience and mentally just like an adult would do. Just like an adult would do.

“Say something! Why are you not practicing with me?”

“No, no…What do you want me to say?”

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“Just something that Horikita is likely to reply. Since you’ve known her for a long time, you must know what she’d say, right?”

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Our level of acquaintance is 4 months, so it’s impossible for me to know such things.

Even so, Sudō insisted that I played the part of an imaginary Horikita. I clenched my fist unconsciously as to threaten someone.

“I’m one step from becoming an adult and I should do something like this on behalf of Horikita? Feel free to practice by yourself”

Instead, Ike acted as a substitute.

While looking a bit shady, Sudō said: “Horikita…is it okay if I call you with your first name?”

“Um well…Sudō-kun is not really a handsome guy, isn’t he? I mean, it seems like he doesn’t have much money either. He isn’t really my type, can’t you see? I mean, sorry sorry, isn’t he an outcast?! ”