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Rich people like the Simmons family were nothing in the eyes of the top superheroes.

The corporations would also fight openly and covertly for the superheroes, and the Simmons family obviously had no advantage in this aspect.

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That was why Ryan Simmons was willing to bet half of his net worth on the future of the Simmons family and support Phil Simmons as a superhero.

Phil knew very well that the chances of failure were too high if he followed the path of ordinary people.

He had a lot of funds to use but it might not be an advantage for him to take the ordinary people’s path. In fact, it might have the opposite effect instead.

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Previously, there had been a rich man who participated in a talent show for superheroes. He had added more scenes for himself by giving money to the production team, let his mentor give a higher evaluation, and let some contestants cooperate with his performance.

However, such behavior caused the audience to be repulsed and they boycotted. He managed to gain some popularity by burning money during the broadcast of the talent show, but did not make it to the second stage.

He had to admit that becoming a superhero not only required money, popularity, but also strength. At the very least, he had to make the people like him—no matter what type of liking.

After some consideration, Phil felt that if he participated in the Superhero Selection like the others, he would be walking down the same old path. Would the audience like him? There was a high probability that they would not.

That was because rich people would naturally lose points if they participated in the Superhero selection.

The audience preferred superheroes with tragic backgrounds and a strong sense of social responsibility.

Phil might have fans but in the eyes of the majority of the public, he was a playboy who did not do his job properly. He naturally gave people the feeling that he was ‘unreliable’.

What’s more, the motive of a rich man participating in a superhero talent show was obvious.

Thus, Phil decided to take another path: personally sponsor a superhero talent show.