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Ways to make money online high school

“Then there’s no problems…”

“There is.”

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There’s already no way for me to cheat, …yet there’s still a problem?

I tilted my head, and Tendou-san said it with a calm and natural look.

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“I’ll feel lonely.”

“That’s a big problem!”

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I can’t help but stand up abruptly right away. Tendou-san nodded and continued.

“The time that was initially just for you and me will be robbed away by some other girls. Moreover, it’s a game activity that feels quite interesting. I feel lonely.”

“Y-You’re right! Uh, if that’s the case, why don’t you just come with us…”

Tendou-san put out her palm and rejected me abruptly in the middle of my suggestion.

“My dignity as Karen Tendou doesn’t allow that either!”

“Hiya, that’s troublesome!”