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“It’s not just me- Keita and Karen-san’s love stories are just as tragic now!”

“You’re literally a terrorist in this love story! Thanks to you, the sea of flowers just turned into a barren and burnt wasteland!”

‘This is all because of my ‘zenpai’ attribute…”

“Hey, wait. You just let fate take all the blame, right? Right?”

“…I really hate this side of me…!”


Uehara-kun complained dumbfoundedly. I cleared my throat and ignored him.

“Ahem, so, this is not the only time where my ‘zenpai-ness’ comes to shine.”

“You’re saying?”

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“Well, it’s just like…tripping over the floor like that or biting your tongue when talking, …things like that.”

“Hmm? That’s just being clumsy, right?”

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After hearing what Uehara-kun said, …I laughed at him like he’s an idiot.

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“…Yes, yes, if I’m in Keita and Uehara-kun’s favorite dating sim, you can summarize it with such a cute conclusion. Sheesh, …that’s why I hate guys that fantasize over girls…”

“It’s been a long time since I’m pissed at your attitude.”

Even though Uehara-kun’s smiling, an angry symbol showed up on his forehead.

“Well, but my ‘zenpai’ attribute isn’t that fatal yet.”

“…What do you mean by that?”