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Nan'an online part-time money-making date

Alright, the meeting was a success!

June 18th, Saturday...

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At the Management Trainees’ regular meeting... After settling Shang Yang Games yesterday, Pei Qian felt like a great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. Today, on the way to the meeting, his footsteps felt lighter.

“Everyone, let’s start reporting,” said Tang Yishu once she saw that everyone was present. She gestured for the meeting to start and prepared to take notes in her little notebook. After the meeting, she would convert the meeting minutes into a report.

One by one, the Management Trainees spoke.

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“Deposit Fitness’s members are already using the new application, and feedback has been pretty good. The opening ceremony of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Live Esports Museum has greatly improved Deposit Fitness’s reputation. Recently, a good number of customers approached us with questions. The new fitness meals have also arrived...”

“Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Live Esports Museum has been a great success ever since its opening ceremony. Although its charges are higher than the previous two versions of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, it is still as popular. More and more people are forming teams. I guess that we can organize the first competition in the internet cafe soon...”

“DGE Esports Club has resumed training as per normal. However, the feeling of being sought-after by fans at the opening ceremony has greatly motivated the team members and ignited their fighting spirit. Everyone’s training harder now...”

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Pei Qian was speechless as he listened to the Manage Loss Trainees’ reports. His good mood had completely dissipated by now.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a Secret Service meeting?

How did it turn into a funeral?

It’s bad enough that everyone’s telling me things that I already know, but they’re just repeating all the bad news! I went to great lengths to organize Management Trainee meetings, and yet they’re just serving to double the back-stabbing effect!

After getting stabbed in the back at the scene, I have to endure another stab at Management Trainee meetings?

Pei Qian was furious, but he had no choice but to pay attention.