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Hidden connections between the departments aside, even the visible ones, were becoming hard to keep track of!

The dense web of lines had dense words attached to them as well. He would get dizzy just looking at it, and sorting it out would be a chore.

Pei Qian’s strategy to keep track of inter-departmental relationships using a mind map was turning out to be a failure. The departments were coming up with ‘combined events’ frequently and from out of nowhere. It was completely unreasonable.

For example, Pei Qian had asked Coach Yaling to take pictures of DGE’s members every day to ensure that they had less time for training. Who would have thought that those photos would later become advertising material for Deposit Fitness?

At that thought, Pei Qian could not help but heave a long sigh. For some reason, he felt particularly troubled.

At the same time, outside Fish-Catching Internet Cafe...

The internet cafe was brightly lit, and the light shone through the full-length windows. Everything inside was clearly visible from the outside.

Ruan Guangjian had just finished the concept art for a GOG hero and was walking out of Halo Workspace, intending to go home to rest.

However, as he walked past Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, he saw a familiar figure through the full-length windows.

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“Eh, it’s already so late. Why is Boss Pei still here, and not at home, resting?

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“He’s looking at his laptop. Is he still working?”

Ruan Guangjian was curious, and Boss Pei was seated with his back facing the full-length window. Ruan Guangjian walked forward, peeked past Boss Pei’s shoulder, and saw the image on the screen.