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“First of all, I hope that the daily training can continue with DGE;s training and play according to GOG’s training method, which will include things like zone division, visual field layout, and transferring operations.”

“Secondly, I hope that everyone can go to the high-end section of the international server for individual training to recover their skills.”

“Lastly, I hope to use the remaining players to organize a team of sparring partners to test out various strategies.”

Wu Yue nodded immediately. “No problem! The FV Club originally had three members. An addition of two more members would form a sparring team, and the two teams would train faster.”

Manager Lu said with uncertainty, “There’s no problem using GOG’s training method, but is it really okay to use GOG’s fighting style to play IOI?”

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Pan Ying nodded. “I think there’s no problem.”

“During this period of GOG’s training competition, after studying the strategies of each team, I feel that GOG’s teams have a better understanding of the game than IOI’s teams.”

“I was greatly inspired by the transfer of the line-up, the choice of lineup, and the like. The main difference between the two is in the choice of heroes, the rhythm of the game, and so on. However, there are many similarities. As long as we can make good use of these similarities and use some of GOG’s tactics in IOI, we might be able to achieve a surprising victory.”

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Manager Lu was stunned.

Would that work?

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It might sound ridiculous as GOG and IOI’s games were very different after all. However, it made sense on further thought.

GOG might have been released later but the E-Sports competition was much more professional than IOI. Their overall standards improved very quickly since the DGE Club was constantly beating up other teams.

There might be differences between these two games but they were still the same type of games after all with similarities in terms of operational thinking.

These players had their own operations and had a good understanding of IOI. If they could integrate GOG’s operational thinking and make use of it, they might be able to achieve a surprise victory?

It was hard to say if they would be able to get a good ranking in the international competition. It would not be a bad idea to achieve a win in the qualifiers, right?

Wu Yue nodded. “Alright, no problem. We can satisfy all of these requirements. Just fight and train hard!”