Online selling PPT to make money?

Online selling PPT to make money?

“Fighting a price war alone would be a dead end. The various gyms would lower their prices one by one. In the end, they would close down.”

“Now, there are risks in the smart fitness drying rack, but there are also opportunities. The first person to eat crabs and the second person to eat crabs get completely different results!”

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“Deposit Fitness might also have smart fitness drying racks, but the members that the Deposit Fitness can accommodate are strictly limited. It’s impossible to satisfy all the requirements of using smart fitness drying racks.”

“As for buying it for yourself... This equipment takes up a lot of space and is quite expensive. There is a moving service but there are many people who buy it and many people who don’t.”

“They don’t have Deposit Fitness members and don’t want to buy smart fitness drying racks themselves. Isn’t that a perfect target group?”

“The other chain gyms have yet to catch on. If Star Bird Fitness can take the lead to launch the ‘interactive fitness zone’ mainly starring the smart fitness drying rack and use this as a topic to promote discussions and successfully capture these target users, it will definitely bring Star Bird Fitness an extremely high reputation and seize the initiative among the gyms!”

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“At that time, even if the other gyms follow on, Star Bird Fitness would definitely benefit as the first gym to launch a similar model!”

“What’s more...”

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Li Shi paused and lowered his voice. “Given my relationship with Tengda, I can also guarantee that the smart fitness drying rack will give priority to you.”

“As far as I know, the smart fitness drying rack is limited by the production capacity of the factory and is in a state of continuous shortage.”

“That’s why we can’t rush to buy it online.”

“I know the person-in-charge of Otto Technologies, Chang You. As long as I talk to him about business procurement, I can ask the factory to increase production capacity and collect goods in batches. What’s more, only we will be able to get the goods. No other gyms can!”

“This situation will not last long. The other gyms will definitely get the goods one after another. However, even if our lead is only two or three months, it will be enough. That’s because we would have sold a large number of fitness cards by then and won over a large group of customers!”