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“It’s about time! You’ve been uploading a lot recently. Don’t overwork; get some rest. It’ll be alright as long as you write seven to eight more chapters to make up for this tomorrow.”

“You’ve really been kidnapped! The website even kidnapped so many authors at the same time!”

“Hahaha, ‘getting out of jail for a while’?” “Another author said earlier that he’s attending a class. I thought that it would just be a talk. At the time, I even wondered what use it would be. All I cared about was that he updated the story! Now, from the looks of it, the class is really a ‘lockdown’ organized by the officials! Well done!”

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“A certain no-show has been uploading four chapters each day for the past few days as well. I strongly request the officials to keep holding this class!”

“Are there still available slots in the class? I have a regular one-chapter beast here who really needs to attend that class to be educated!”

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“Honestly, I think the class is good, but a lot of authors have been writing cliffhanger endings recently. Does the class include professional training for writing cliffhanger endings as well?”.

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Beads of cold sweat formed on Pei Qian’s forehead as he read the readers’ comments.

At the same time, a bad feeling surfaced in his gut.

From the comments, Pei Qian quickly confirmed several things. Ma Yiqun had indeed invested the money on mid-tier writers. He had brought those authors to Jingzhou, organized a class, and significantly improved their efficiency!

As for how he did that…

Pei Qian guessed that he had failed to adhere to the Tengda spirit!

Pei Qian was speechless. This Ma Yiqun… how dare you cause a mess like that under my nose?!

It looked like the mid-tier writers were getting better and better. Not only were they uploading more chapters, but they were also drawing inspiration from one another through their constant interaction. Their plots and writing skills were beginning to improve!

If a novel god emerged from among them and he rose to fame, more people would visit Zhongdian Chinese Network!

One had to understand that content was the most important thing in the creative industry. Without content, everything else would be useless.

Many customers would download live-stream platforms’ clients because they liked a certain live-streamer; they would also become loyal users of websites for online literature because they liked a certain novel.