There is no software that can typing money online now.

There is no software that can typing money online now.

The current artificial intelligence assistant technology was simply divided into two parts: front-end and back-end.

The front-end was mainly speech recognition and speech synthesis technology, which converted the user’s spoken language into text and then the returned text result into voice output.

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In the background, the program processed the user’s request and returned the best matching result.

In general, the current artificial intelligence assistants on mobile phones were mainly responsible for four dimensions: device control and system function calls, third-party application support, dialogue and intelligence, and skill-learning capabilities.

The initial technology of the artificial intelligence assistant was provided by Xunke Technology, and various manufacturers were only updating and optimizing on this basis.

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However, whether smart assistants were useful or not depended on how well the manufacturer had to optimize these four dimensions.

Chang You decided to focus all his energy on system function calls, dialogue, and intelligence during this development cycle.

Third-party application support and skill-learning capabilities were also very important, but these two had more content. Moreover, only some users may have that particular need so the priority was lower.

The so-called system function call was the user’s voice control of the mobile phone system function.

For example, if the user said ‘weather’, the smart assistant would automatically display the weather page on the screen and read out tomorrow’s weather conditions and temperature changes.

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Similarly, calculators, calendars, memos, calls, text messages, etc. could all be controlled by smart assistants, which would bring a certain degree of convenience to users.

Conversation and intelligence were how the smart assistant would react when the user asked some more personalized questions.