Why is there a false online to make money?

Why is there a false online to make money?

“As for the rich?

“The rich protagonist almost died when he was born, but he still did not believe what his father said. He knew poor friends. He worked hard to write a book to help the poor change their destiny.

“But he did not realize that it was not the poor who kidnapped his mother but the homeless. It was not the poor that killed him, it was the homeless. He could make friends with the poor in college, but he would not take another look at the beggars in the subway.

“Therefore, he thinks that the rich and poor can become friends; that is correct. However, he did not realize or understand that the two different classes were actually the rich and the homeless. The poor only managed to pop out of the quagmire; they were the ones that he could see. However, he could not see more people rotting under the quagmire—being so high above.”

“The most ironic thing is that what made the poor homeless is exactly because of the rules of the game set by the rich.

“Therefore, the homeless person said that the rich protagonist is a liar because, in the eyes of the homeless person, this person took everything away from him while advocating for them to struggle.

“And this is something the rich protagonist will never understand.

“[7] In the game, there is only one relationship between the rich and the poor. How many relationships did Boss Pei want to express between the rich and the poor then?

“This is the last question, which is the final content that game makers want to express after combining all the above details.

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“In fact, Boss Pei has already stated his stand on this.

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“Does everyone remember the movie ‘Tomorrow is Beautiful’? It has a more tragic setting than Struggle.

“It is conceivable that the society in Struggle will become the society in Tomorrow is Beautiful within a few decades.

“In ‘Tomorrow is Beautiful’, there was an Easter egg at the end. Someone threw a gun into the protagonist’s room. The implication is obvious: when social conflicts reach the level as in Tomorrow is Beautiful, the poor would have only one choice.

“And in Struggle, there were no similar choices because the environment they described is different, and the focus to be expressed will be different.

“Violent resistance does not cure all diseases. It is not the best choice in any situation. In the environment of ‘Tomorrow is Beautiful’, this may be an option; but there was no such option in ‘Struggle’.

“Then, is there a third situation?